How It Works - Tradesman

Every day hundreds of homeowners post jobs on ClickaTrades looking for trade professionals just like you. With our fast and clear tradesmen account setup process you will be up and running ready to apply for work in no time.

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Step 1: Setup your tradesmen profile

Follow the simple step-by-step tradesmen registration process to complete your ClickaTrades profile. Remember, homeowners, like to see a well-written, detailed tradesmen profile. So be sure to upload a detailed description of your company, any past work, and client reviews to build trust with new potential clients.

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Step 2: Purchase a credit pack

Once your account is set up you will start being notified every time there is a suitable job listed in your area, to apply for these you will need to have ClickaTrades credits. We believe in simplicity, so you can purchase 1 lead at a time or save money by purchasing one of our credit packs.

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Step 3: Start Applying for Jobs

Once you find a job that you would like to apply for click contact and use one of your credits, the contact details of the homeowner will then become visible in your “my leads” section. You can speak with them through the website messaging system or contact them directly.

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Step 4: Start the work

After successful discussions with the homeowner, you will be able to agree on a date to start the work. Remember to always ask them to leave you feedback on the ClickaTrades website to grow your profile on here.